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    Convenience: E-Branches never close, so now you can take care of more banking at more times of the day, even long after “business hours” have ended.
    Security: The Smart ATM® and Internet Banking services at E-Branches operate on the same safe and secure platforms that protect all Byblos Bank clients.
    Flexibility: The Smart ATM® in use at E-Branches accepts both cash and check deposits in Lebanese Pounds and US Dollars – and you can deposit up to 50 notes or 30 checks in the same transaction. You can save even more time and money by making credit card payments, too.
    Choice of Currencies and Small Denominations: When it comes to withdrawals, the Smart ATM® dispenses cash in small denominations of Lebanese Pounds, US Dollars, and Euros.
    Save Big on Commissions: No commissions are applied on cash deposits made through E-Branches or any Smart ATM®, while check are processed at the same low rates applied to conventional deposits at your branch.

    BDL Approval Date 19/06/2015 - Approval Number 17/M.M/481

Byblos Bank has brought yet another first to Lebanon’s financial sector by introducing the first E-Branches, which offer specialized deposit and withdrawal services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in a safe and secure environment.

E-Branch gives customers a variety of convenient services, including the ability to make LBP and USD cash deposits, check deposits, withdrawals in small denominations of USD, LBP or EUR, perform Internet Banking transactions through specialized kiosks, or talk to our Customer Service agents.

E-Branches are currently located in the Ashrafieh neighborhoods of Sassine and Tabaris, bringing maximum convenience and value added to personal and business clients alike. Byblos Bank plans to make this technology available in other parts of the country as well, giving more and more customers the chance to bank on their own terms.    

Usage Guidelines
  • Daily cash limit of LBP 15,000,000, or equivalent in USD 
  • Cash deposits are directly credited to your account with one-day value date and Zero commissions 
  • Unlimited number of check deposits, and checks are processed into your account no later than the next working day 
  • The back of each check should be endorsed with your signature, your phone number, and the instruction “Deposit into my account” 
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